Converting a Condo Den into a Bedroom with a Hidden-Bed

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Converting a Condo Den into a Bedroom

For many of us who grew up outside of the major areas in the GTA, the amount of space we had in our homes was more than adequate. For those who grew up in a house, not having much room probably has never occurred to you. Fast-forward a few years however and our adult lives in the city are far more confined than we might have envisioned. The truth is that condo spaces are being built smaller these days to accommodate the astonishingly high number of people who wish to create their lives and their homes in the downtown cores. This means that there’s a good chance that when you decide to buy a condo downtown, many of the items, especially furniture, that are in your former home, are simply not going to fit into your new micro-life. However, with a little ingenuity and some proper planning, you can convert a condo den into a stylish bedroom that feels as inviting and spacious as a much larger space.

Nowhere to Go but Up

The vast majority of condos in the city are built as a two-bedroom + den, which is a smaller version of a bedroom usually intended as a small reading room or area for working from home. However, for growing families who are more interested in saving money than indulging in unnecessary rooms, converting a condo den into a bedroom can be an excellent way to give everyone their own space without breaking their budget. While the square-footage of the room may be smaller than the others, the ceiling will still be as high as that of other larger sized condos, so you can still create a cozy bedroom that doesn’t feel cluttered and claustrophobic.
DIY shelving units can be built and placed against the walls on each side of the room to exponentially expand the amount of storage space. Choosing small end tables or ottomans that also contain drawers and shelves will provide you with dual-purpose furniture. You can even try hanging nets from the ceiling corners to hold items such as blankets, towels and even stuffed animals for the little ones. However, the most beneficial item that you can purchase when converting a condo den into a bedroom is the modern, updated version of a beloved classic – the hidden bed. Also known as a Murphy bed, today’s hidden beds are attached to the wall with shelving units and closets built right into the frame, allowing you ample and attractive storage whether the bed is up or down. When morning comes and you’ve had a good night’s sleep you simply raise the bed vertically back into the shelving unit and lay it flush against the wall, giving you full use of the space available during the day. And there you have it; a modern twist on today’s hidden beds in the inclusion of a large, versatile work desk built into the underside of the bedframe. When the bed is up, it is a fully-function workspace, and when the bed is down, it opens neatly with no need to remove or unplug items. When you return the bed to its upright position in the morning, the desk slides back into place with everything exactly where you left it!
Go online today and discover how a fully-customizable Murphy bed can expand your home and maximize your space by converting a condo den into a beautiful bedroom.


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